Hanko attached to door with strong magnet

Eliminate the blur of life in the COVID‑19 disaster. This stylish and convenient stamp can be used as a hook by attaching it to doors and drawers with a built-in strong magnet. Made of antibacterial material.

Create your Japanese Hanko !

Would you like to create a
traditional Japanese Hanko with your name?

If you don't know Japanese, please contact us via chat and pls tell us your name.

We can suggest some Japanese kanji
that correspond to your name as well as the meaning of each kanji.

See the design of the Japanese
kanji you like and its meaning, and make your own seal with your name in kanji.

More detail

Door PETA Hanko

For cutters and hooks. Various uses with strong magnets!

A new product, "Door PETA Cutter" joins the "Door PETA Stamp" which has been well received and featured in many media since its release in October 2021! Please click the button below for details!


Introduction movie of Door PETA Hanko

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  • Also recommended as a gift

    The stylish and functional "Door PETA Hanko" makes a great gift, congratulatory gift, or keepsake! Please take a look at the wonderful gift wrapping from Inyusha.

  • Story of the Door PETA Hanko

    Stick it on doors, drawers, etc. with a strong magnet. How a stylish and convenient stamp that can also be used as a hook was born.

    Story of the Door PETA Hanko 
  • How to use the door PETA Hanko

    The door PETA stamp is a new stamp that can be quickly affixed to entrance doors, refrigerators, desk drawers, etc.

    See how to use Door PETA HANKO well 
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