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  • [Board size] 63 x 40 mm
  • [Feature 1] Uses ink created from unique nanotechnology. In addition to the speedy drying time (approximately 3 seconds for PPC paper), we have achieved vivid, clear, and deep imprints.
  • [Feature 2] By adopting a board surface cloth of ultra-fine fibers, it has excellent durability, and a clear imprint can be obtained simply by pressing lightly on the board surface.
  • [Feature 3] The pad does not dry even with the lid open. It dries quickly and doesn't bleed, so it's perfect for multicolor use.
  • [Feature 4] Stamp pads can be stacked and stored.
  • [Feature 5] Imprint is water and light resistant.
  • [Feature 6] Can be used for a wide range of purposes, such as rubber stamps and resin stamps.
  • [Feature 7] Ink on the stamp surface can be wiped off with dish paper moistened with water.



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