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How to use the door PETA cutter


Did you know?
The cardboard that you don't know where it was placed is pretty dirty. that's why! When you receive the courier,open it quickly at the entrance .

It's the completion of a smart conductor that allows you to bring only the contents of your luggage into the room


3 features of the door PETA cutter!

1) New! A cutter knife joins that door PETA stamp! You can stick it on your front door or refrigerator and use it immediately when you want to use it (no need to look for it!)

2) Made in Japan. The blades handcrafted by craftsmen are cutlery from Seki, Gifu Prefecture! Small but sharp The blade length is only 7.5mm, so it can be opened quickly without damaging the contents.

3) A strong magnet holds keys, eco bags, and memos! It's an excellent one with 3 roles!

You can use it immediately when you want to use it!

If you stick it near the place where you use the cutter frequently, you can take it out and use it anytime!

Small but sharp!


Since the blade is as small as 7.5mm, it is difficult to damage the contents inside.

A strong magnet can also be used as a hook or paper lock!

It also plays a role in preventing forgotten items by attaching keys, masks, point cards, etc. that you tend to forget when going out!


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