Collection: Features of the door PETA stamp

Buy Door PETA Hanko

A door PETA stamp filled with many charms.

Let's introduce 3 charms that will make your life more efficient!

1If you stick it on the door or drawer, you can take out the stamp immediately and do not need to search for it.

(Since it is octagonal, it does not roll away even if it falls .)

2It can also be used as a hook for hanging small items such as masks and keys due to the well-calculated diagonal cut.

3 Built-in powerful magnets make it easy to fasten documents and memos

(According to our research, more than 10 sheets of A4 paper can be held)

And the door PETA stamp will deliver further "two peace of mind" .

☑️Use of safe antibacterial material

☑️ Trusted 100% Made in Japan

In addition, the door PETA stamp is packed with "many other charms" !

☑️ Octagonal cross-sectional shape that does not roll easily even when placed on a desk

☑️ A stylish visual that can also be used as an interior (it looks like a lipstick!)

☑️ Replenish the ink and use it repeatedly for a long time

☑️Selectable stamp face and colorful ink color

☑️Shachihata X stamper (name for name pen) that can be stamped without red ink is used for the stamp surface (

☑️With a recess that shows the top and bottom of the stamp surface when stamping

Also in the entrance, the refrigerator, and around the desk. Would you like to attach a PETA stamp to the door?

"Door PETA Hanko" has already applied for design and trademark registration at Inyusha.

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