Collection: Recommended materials and features for registered seals, bank seals, and private seals

First of all, I think it is best to choose the material according to the role and purpose of the stamp.

1) Recommended materials for registered seals and bank seals

Titanium, black water buffalo, and cow horn white are recommended. Tsuge wood is less durable than other materials, and may not withstand long-term use.

2) Recommended materials for mitome seals

Unlike registered seals and bank seals, mitome-in is not something that is officially registered. But I think it's okay. However, if you want to have something made of solid material to some extent, we recommend titanium, black water buffalo, and cow horn white.

3) Characteristics of each material


It is a highly durable material that is said to be the strongest among metals. It will not rust or burn and is resistant to abrasion. Of course, there is no lack of edge. It also has excellent stamping performance, which is important as a stamp.

black buffalo

A material characterized by its luxurious black luster. Its sophisticated beauty gives an impression of high formality and sincerity, making it a popular material for both personal and corporate use. The material is fibrous, sticky, and relatively durable, but the edge may be chipped due to the impact of dropping.

cow horn white

A material characterized by its highly transparent amber color. With its elegant beauty, it is a popular material for women's registered seals and bank seals. (Of course, it can be used by men as well.) Similar to black water buffalo, it is made of fibrous material, so it is relatively durable, but the edge may be chipped due to the impact of dropping.


A material characterized by the soft impression that is unique to natural wood. It handles areas with particularly high density among wood, and although it is inferior to the other three materials, it can be said to be a strong material. One of the attractions is that you can buy it at a relatively affordable price. However, we do not recommend it if you are considering using it for the rest of your life, as the stamping surface will deteriorate due to the penetration of vermillion, and the stamping surface will wear out more than other materials if used frequently.