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【別注品】旧字使い 自由に作る

Door PETA Stamp [custom-made]

Door PETA Stamp [custom-made]

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[Three features of the door PETA stamp]

1) If you stick it flat on the door or drawer, you can take it out immediately when you need a stamp
2) Due to the calculated diagonal cut, it can also be used as a hook for small items such as masks and keys.
3) A strong magnet is built in, making it easy to attach documents and memos.

>>Good use of door PETA stamps

[Further attractions of the door PETA stamp]
-Stylish visuals that fit in with any interior
-100% made in Japan
-Use of safe antibacterial material
- Can be used repeatedly for a long time by refilling ink
-Customizable seal designs and a choice of ink colors




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