Collection: How to get your order made 「Hanko」

1) Shape selection: Circle or Square.

2) Font selection: Gyosyo, Insoufu or Koin for Kanji Japanese characters, Gabriola or Edwardian Script for Alphabet characters. 

3) Material selection: Wood, Black horn, White horn or Titanium.

4) Size selection: M size or L size.

5) Decide  which  characters to put on your Hanko.

6) If you choose Japanese Kanji Characters, you can make your own Kanji original selection: Make your Hanko unique and create your deep meaning from our Japanese Kanji selection chart.



1) Shape selection



How to select shape

You can choose your favorite shape depending on your tastes.

In Japan, the round type is mainly used for personal and official applications, while the square type is mainly used by companies and artists.


2) Font selection 

Kanji Characters: Gyosyo, Insoufu or Koin, Alphabet Characters: Gabriola or Edwardian Script.


  Gyosyo       (Calligraphy way) The Most popular in Japan for Hanko. 


Ex.  日本=Japan

Insoufu      (Mudra manner) Hand style old traditional writing way from deep Japan.

Koin       (Traditional way) Highly readable and difficult to copy. Commonly used for important seals in Japan.

 ④ Gabriola       (Simple way)

⑤ Edwardian Script      (Calligraphy way)


3) Material select



Recommended for those who are looking for souvenirs or gifts for multiple peoples.

② Black Horn

Japanese standard

Recommended as a gift for yourself or someone close to you. In Japan, it is especially favored and used by many men.

③ White Horn

Upper Japanese standard

Recommended as a gift for yourself or someone close to you. In Japan, it is especially favored and used by many women.

④ Titanium


Recommended as a special gift for yourself or someone close to you. It is extremely durable and can be used lifetime.

4) Size selection

Ex.   桜 = Cherry blossoms


5) Decide which characters to put on your Hanko

You can choose which characters to put on your Hanko: For example, your name, company name or favorite word.



6) Kanji original selection

For each sound we prepared different possible kanjis for you.

So, please create your original name fitting with who you are, as a real Japanese. 


This is our first example:

Tom could be「 to」 兎 (Rabbit) + 「mu」 夢 (Dream) which can be translate as:

The dreaming rabbit, The rabbit of your dream, or even a deeper meaning like "Jumping into your dreams and realize your destiny" etc.

It’s time to think like a real Japanese, and to see more than just « words » but the poetry life offers you.

Second example

If your name is Sara, you can choose your favorite Kanji by yourself:

Check「sa」and 「ra」from our chart following your tastes, and the meaning you want to create with your name.