[TV broadcast] "Door PETA Hanko" was introduced in "From 2:45 onwards with a slow and easy routine" (Kansai TV)!

3/21 (Monday) Our door PETA stamp was introduced on "From 2:45 on a slow and easy routine" (Kansai TV).

In the corner of the two people on the Monday MC sketch, stationery sommelier Ms. Misato Suga chose stationery sommelier, "Relieve everyday stress refreshingly! Convenient idea stationery" was introduced with plenty of charm!

The two people in the floor plan, the guests JP, Erina Masuda, and the MC assistant Sena Tanimoto (Seki Tele Announcer) all had PETA stamps with their names on them, so we took them home. I was able to use it! (I don't think Lily and JP can use it privately. Lol)
We will continue to develop convenient products that make life more efficient and improve existing products, so please support us! 😄

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