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Original stamp set

Original stamp set

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This stamp is actually a product filled with children's designs and ideas. Children's drawing is full of charm, and sometimes it's a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of Inyusha paid attention to such a part and wondered if it could be made into a stamp.

Born from a drawing imitating Doraemon's secret tool "Gorgon's neck". A tool that petrifies creatures around it with the speed of a turtle. I used it to petrify Nobita's legs so that he wouldn't get tired when he was forced to stand in the hallway at school. Nobita's petrified legs didn't get tired even after standing for a long time, but the "Gorgon's neck" caused a serious incident later!

② I did my best
Children are very happy to receive flower circles from kindergarten teachers at the time of intellectual training. It was born from a drawing that carefully imitated such Hanamaru. Something different from ordinary Hanamaru! But it's a cute hanamaru!

③ very well done
The Amabie on this seal is a plague-sealing specter of the Edo period that is said to have caused phenomena such as shining light from the sea and predicted good harvests and epidemics.
It has become a hot topic to pray for the end of the coronavirus infection, and it seems that it has become a boom among children.

④Thank you
This stamp was designed by sisters who love puns. If you see a stamp like this, it will make you smile!

①Size of each rubber stamp

OK/Holiday/I saw it/Good (10mm length x 11mm width)

Very well done (length 25mm x width 25mm)

I did my best / Fighto (Vertical 20mm x Horizontal 20mm)

Thank you (height 15mm x width 25mm)

All heights are 30mm

②With exclusive transparent case

(Vertical 50mm x Horizontal 50mm)



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