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Titanium (registered seal, bank seal, personal seal)

Titanium (registered seal, bank seal, personal seal)

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Combining strength, lightness, corrosion resistance, and heat resistance, it is the latest metal that is widely used in everything from bicycles to the medical field.

Our titanium seals are blasted to create countless fine irregularities on the surface to prevent fingerprints from sticking.

In addition, it is highly durable and has a low risk of chipping, cracking, and abrasion due to daily use, making it the most suitable material for registered stamps that are expected to be used for many years. (However, it falls into the soft category among metals, so please be careful not to drop it on a hard surface.)

In addition, one of the charms of titanium is the profound feeling unique to metal, and the weight of the moment you pick it up gives you a sense of luxury. Due to its weight and the nature of being molded from fine particles, titanium stamps have extremely high stamping performance and can be stamped clearly.

Comes with stamp case. (Case design may change)

Care instructions

After use, wipe off the vermilion on the stamp surface with a soft cloth. In addition, occasionally use a dedicated brush or an old toothbrush to remove any remaining vermilion or dirt from the stamp surface. Also, if you leave the oil on your hands for a long time, the part will oxidize and turn black, so wipe the sides with a soft cloth to keep the beautiful metal surface.



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