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Quick-drying red ink (φ44.7mm×17.7mm)

Quick-drying red ink (φ44.7mm×17.7mm)

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  • Drying time about 3 seconds, imprint is clear.
  • A high-quality ink pad that is easy to use for business.
  • Ink control technology* at the nano-level realizes clean, fast-drying imprints that do not bleed.
  • It can be imprinted in a dark color and has excellent long-term preservation, making it ideal for stamping important documents.
  • It is a high-quality product with improved quality and improved usability.
  • *A technology that controls pigment particles evenly and evenly at the nano level to create optimal ink quality.

cautionary comment

  • *Drying time may be delayed if the paper is hard to absorb vermillion oil, such as coated paper or art paper, or if a large amount of vermilion oil adheres. Also, rough paper may bleed.
  • * When using non-carbon paper or thermal paper, the colored characters may disappear or the imprint may be discolored.
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