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Door PETA cutter (replacement blade)

Door PETA cutter (replacement blade)

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* About product shipment This product will be shipped from our company within 3 business days after you place an order.

[Three features of the door PETA cutter]

1) It has a built-in strong magnet, so if you stick it flat on the door or refrigerator, you can take it out when you need it .
2) Keys, eco bags, and documents can also be fastened with a calculated diagonal cut! How about making effective use of the front door to prevent forgetting things ?

3) Made in Japan. The blades handcrafted by craftsmen are cutlery from Seki, Gifu Prefecture! Small but sharp sharpness (exclusive replacement blades are also available!)

[Precautions when replacing the door PETA cutter blade]

1) When changing the blade, do not touch the blade directly and protect your hands with a towel.

2) For safety in use, the replacement blade may be firmly attached and difficult to remove. In that case, use a wide pair of pliers and remove it so that it rotates.

3) When installing the replacement blade, please insert it firmly as far as it will go before using it.



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