Collection: What is「Hanko」?

Japanese real treasure for you !

Hanko is a personal seal, a deep part of Japanese culture from  more than 2,000 years.

In Japan, hanko are often used as a tool for personal identification, with one's name engraved in kanji characters.

Each individual kanji has its own meaning, and Japanese names are also often named after kanji related to land or job associated with ancestors.

The Meaning of Hanko for the Japanese

For the Japanese, the hanko, like the fingerprint, is used as the one and only personal identification. They are used to manage money in banks, real estate agencies, and when buying and selling cars.

So a real hanko is made to order, one by one.

The products that are often sold cheaply in Japan are mass-produced exactly the same, and can easily be copied and cause problems when used for important applications such as those mentioned above.

Let's start to make your personal Hanko !

We can make your own original Hanko, the only one of it’s kind in the world.

So, Would you like to make a stamp of your own name in Kanji characters? It would be a great gift or souvenir for your family or friends!


If you don't know Japanese, please contact us via chat and pls tell us your name.
Then, we will suggest some cool names in Kanji characters. We will also let you know the meaning of the each kanji characters.